Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Deeply healing & relaxing for any body.

For over a decade, Mary has studied several modalities of massage. Her understanding of how the body works, moves, breaks down, and heals itself is showcased through her touch. She now offers a variety of treatments designed to relieve tension, improve range of motion, enhance circulation, heal injuries, and restore the body's natural energetic flow. Book an Appointment


Simple, effective, life-changing coaching services.

1:1 coaching with Mary Vance with nutrition & fitness plans built to help you to restore your vitality, achieve your goals, & develop the greatest version of yourself. Mary works diligently to support you and empower you through changes of habit, personal transformation, and ensures that you are educated about what it means to be consciously creating a healthy lifestyle. These programs are down to earth and are for those who are ready to make changes in their personal life, confidence, aesthetic, performance, or energy levels. START NOW

Mindful Meditation Series 
Embark on a journey inward to greater optimization of  your well-being. 
A balanced mindset is a MUST when creating a healthy lifestyle. Meditation and conscious rest are essential for enhancing one's awareness. Mindfulness is a key component in making lifestyle changes and re-patterning. In this series, Mary leads you through 10 sessions of gentle guided meditation to lead you into deeper connection with yourself and for optimal function of the brain. Sign Up
A note about 12 week programs:


The 1:1 coaching programs I've designed are inspired from my own success and transformative experience of coming out of sickness into greater health consciousness and harmony with my body's rhythm.

The focus of all programs is the same:

4 Pillars of Pristine Health: Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, Sleep/Rest.

However, each individual will have different preferences, desires, and needs for how the program unfolds. 

Each program is one of a kind when it comes to individualized attention to your specific energetic needs and goals. I'm not your regular bodybuilding coach. I teach people how to build healthy procreative patterns of wellbeing in their lives. Basically, we learn to build healthy bodies through self care and consistency of our physical and mental habit patterns.


My approach to coaching is simple & no bullshit. If you've been considering one of my programs, know that the investment of money, energy, and time in this kind if personal change and development will change your life. You are absolutely worth it. 

- Mary Vance