About a year ago, I injured my shoulder to the point of not being to move it without pain. It was a scary time for me. The thought of rotator cuff surgery petrified me (thankfully surgery was not needed). I went to see Mary and she and I worked on a plam to fix me. I started seeing her every other week for 90 minute massages and within a couple months, I was back at the gym training - shoulders - and feeling strong! I am beyond thankful for having her in my life to have crossed paths with her. She is a genuinely caring person. No matter how stressful life gets or how scared I am because of an injury, she always manages to send me home relaxed, feeling positiv and with a new outlook. 

I am beyond thankful to always have her in my corner. I think that everyone needs someone like her in their corner. I would undoubtedly recommend her to everyone. 

With warm regardes,
Lidieth Liddy