My experience with Mary Vance has been the ride of my life. She has helped me with many obstacles that I need to overcome to become the person that I am.

It all started 2 years ago, when she helped me out to make the school soccer team. That was fairly important to me, because at the time, I was really looking forward to it, but I needed to run a mile a day, and every day, she ran the mile with me, while putting me on an enjoyable diet that I could easily follow. I was Eleven at the time, and since then, she has helped me out with everything that I could possibly ask for fitness and nutrition.

As a 13 year old boy, I am doing more and more physical things, and without her help, I don't think that I could even come close to achieving as much as I have.

This woman has supported all of my decisions with unconditional love and care. Being my mom, Mary Vance has loved and supported me throughout my life as a child, and an athlete.

10/10. I would recommend for ages 10-110 if you are trying to get help or even just a diet to keep you on track.

Joe Vance

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