As an aging athlete, I decided to try theraputic massage to assisit in recovery between workouts. I picked Mary Vance as I knew she was actively involved with weight training so I hoped she would understand my needs. She impressed me with her knowledge of human tissue as well as its relationship to heay weight training. I really appreciated her informal "lessons" while she worked - I learned a lot just listening. I really came to appreciate her skills after a complete pectoralis detatchment. After getting my pectoralis reattached to my humorous, and after going through typical rehab, I again chose Mary to assist when I got bac to the gym. I trusted her to help me with this difficult recovery, with most of her time being spent on my upper body working my pectoralis back into shape. 


Most recently, I decided to give her a try as my sports performance food coach. I was again amazed with her knowledge and her ability to communicate this knowledge to me. I found myself eating 40% more calories over 5-6 meals a day. I was feeling full and losing body fat. 

Having the right people in your corner is essential for any athlete - and a good massage therapist and food coach are two essential people you should consider. I highly recommend Mary Vance for your consideration. 


Joe Smolinski
USPA/IPL Level3 International Referee
Retired Power Lifter and Bench Press Specialist
Bench Pressed 635# in an APF sanctioned meet at age 58