I have always trusted and believed in Mary and what she brings to the table in all of the many areas she expertises in but as far as my nutrition goes I believe that’s were she is the most helpful for me and my lifestyle. She always does my nutritional plans during my fight camps and never once done me wrong or not got my weight down to where i needed it, so when asked by some of the best or most well know nutritionists in the fighting world if I wanted them to start working with me it wasn’t a difficult task to turn them down. I tell them I am confident in my girl and she’s always there for me. I have showed many fighters and their nutritionists (including the UFCs personal nutritionists at the UFC performance institute) Mary’s plans for me and how she cuts my weight so well and every single one of them has applauded her and her knowledge. It is great for both her and I to know that the best of the best can also see how talented she is. It is both reassuring and helpful to know that not just myself but so many others in the highest level of nutritional knowledge believe in and respect Mary’s plans.

Amanda Bobby Cooper
Professional MMA Fighter